Driving Music...

With nearly 8000 miles of driving ahead of us, in a bus that doesn't go faster than 60mph, we're going to need some great music to keep us going! Thats over nearly 8 solid days of driving, over 180 hours, 10800 minutes, or 3085 songs (assuming the average song length is 3.5 minutes).

If you want to help keep us sane; or perhaps you'd rather tip us over the edge into madness, you can use the little tool below to submit/inflict some awesome/awful music on our driving playlist!

This tool comes with a reccomended donation of £1 per track, there's no limit to how many tracks you can add nor how many times the same track can be added. Payment is made via PayPal (which accepts PayPal accounts or most major Debit & Credit Cards), and your money will only be used to pay for direct charity expenses such as the cost of our vehicle.

This tool is powered by Spotify, if you can't find the track you want just drop us an e-mail and we'll sort it out for you!

Oops! It looks like Spotify are having some problems at the moment. Please try back again later!